Patches Awarded to Water-Wise Education Participants
Local Water Preservation Message Reaches Washington and Idaho

 Rowland Heights, CA  – Girl Scout Troop 2306, representing Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, is the latest group to learn the value of conservation from the Rowland Water District (RWD) Patch Program. Launched in the summer of 2018, the Patch Program allows Scouts or individual students to earn uniform badges through an enriching educational course on the importance of their water supply.

Several troops have participated in the program, allowing RWD to teach the young community how to make conservation a way of life. Badge requirements are personalized by Scout stage, from Girl Scout Brownies up to Senior Girl Scouts. No matter the stage, the lessons focus on preserving precious resources.

“While RWD typically works with Scouts in our service area, the Patch Program was able to reach Troop 2306 several states over,” RWD Education & Community Outreach Coordinator Brittnie Gildea said. “We’re proud that our water-saving message resonated across state lines.”

As Brownies, Troop 2306 started the path to their patch by describing what it means to conserve water. They visited water-wise websites and shared what they learned with their families, applying that knowledge to identify five ways to save water in and around their homes. The young group researched where water comes from and how it gets to their home or school. Finally, the Brownies had to complete a closing project, such as drawing the water cycle and identifying its parts: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.

The Patch Program is available to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and individual students interested in learning more about water stewardship. Participants must mail a completed task sheet to RWD to receive their patches.

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