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Any applicant desiring a temporary service from a fire hydrant shall specify in this application the location of the hydrant or hydrants from which service is desired. The District will, when such an application has been accepted, connect the meter to a hydrant as near as possible to the requested location. The applicant shall pay the refundable deposit, which is currently set at the sum of $3,357.00 for each temporary service location. The amount of the required deposit and/or water rate may be adjusted by Board action from time to time. Upon discontinuance of service, provided the meter has been recovered by the District in acceptable condition, the deposit will be applied to any unpaid charges due the District and the balance, if any, will be refunded to the applicant. If the meter is damaged or missing, the deposit shall be applied first to the cost of repairing or replacing the meter, and second to any unpaid charges. The customer will be responsible for any shortfall between the amount due and the deposit. Any balance of the deposit remaining after deduction of costs and unpaid charges will be refunded to the customer. Water delivered through a temporary water service shall be charged at the construction rate which is 1½ times the potable/recycled rate (by zone). A non-refundable $226.00 application fee will be charged in addition to the deposit. The application fee shall cover the initial installation and the removal of the meter. Any requests to relocate the meter to another location will be charged an additional $102.00 per service call.