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Rowland Water District is a public agency and abides by the laws and policies set forth by the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters. To visit their site click on the link below:

Our Mission

Bound by our core values — Accountability, Communication and Teamwork — we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers. DEDICATED, RELIABLE, OUTSTANDING, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE.


Vanessa Hsu

Division I – Vanessa Hsu

Current Term: 12/03/2022 – 12/06/2024

Vanessa Hsu was appointed to the Rowland Water District Board of Directors in 2021 and elected to the position in 2022.  In addition to representing Division 1 of the Rowland Water District, Director Hsu serves as an alternate representative on the Association of California Water Agencies/Joint Powers Insurance Authority.

Director Hsu works as a senior project manager at a medical device company, where she serves on committees that promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She also is a water conservationist, a minimalist and an environmentalist. Wherever and whenever she can, she encourages people to save water and to be kind to the earth not just for this generation but for generations to come.

The West Covina resident earned her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Riverside and a master’s degree at Azusa Pacific University.

Director Hsu’s term expires in December 2024.

Anthony Lima

Division II – Anthony J. Lima

Current Term: 11/10/2020-12/6/2024

Anthony J. Lima has been a dedicated member of the Rowland Water District Board of Directors since 1995. He actively participates in various District committees and water-related organizations, including the RWD Project Ad-Hoc Committee, the Pomona-Walnut-Rowland Joint Water Line Commission, and Three Valleys Municipal Water District. Additionally, Director Lima serves on the Board of Commissioners for the Puente Basin Water Agency, a joint powers authority committed to safeguarding the local, imported, and recycled water supply within the Puente Basin. His community involvement extends to being a member of the Hacienda Heights Improvement Association.

Professionally, Director Lima is the owner and property manager of AJK Enterprises. He also has experience in the transportation industry, having previously owned a trucking company in Fontana.

Director Lima’s current term will conclude in December 2024.

John Bellah

Division III – John E. Bellah

Current Term: 12/03/2022 – 12/04/2026

John Bellah has been a dedicated Board member of the Rowland Water District Board of Directors since 2008, bringing over a decade of leadership and community service to the role. As a long-time resident of Rowland Heights, he is deeply committed to the well-being and growth of his community.

Director Bellah actively contributes to the San Gabriel Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Government Affairs Committee and the Rowland Heights Community Coordinating Council, playing a pivotal role in shaping local policies and initiatives. Additionally, he serves as an alternate representative on the Pomona-Walnut-Rowland Joint Water Line Commission and Three Valleys Municipal Water District, ensuring the reliable management of vital water resources.

With over 60 years of residency in the San Gabriel Valley, John has a profound connection to the area. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to successfully own and operate two local businesses before retiring, providing him with a unique perspective on the needs and aspirations of the community.

John Bellah’s current term on the Board of Directors extends until December 2026, allowing him to continue his impactful work and dedication to the Rowland Water District and its residents.

Robert Lewis

Division IV – Robert W. Lewis

Current Term: 12/03/2022 – 12/04/2026

Robert Lewis joined the Board in December 1993 making him the longest-serving Board member. His extensive experience and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in representing the District at key organizations, including the Association of California Water Agencies Region 8 Committee, the Regional Chamber of Commerce – Government Affairs Committee, the Puente Basin Water Agency, and as a Special District Representative for the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO).

A proud U.S. Army Veteran, Director Lewis furthered his education at California State University, Fullerton, where he earned a certification in Industrial Process Controls. His professional journey as a field engineer equipped him with valuable skills and insights, contributing significantly to his role on the Board.

Director Lewis’s current term expires in December 2026.

Szu Pei Lu-Yang

Division V – Szu Pei Lu-Yang

Current Term: 12/03/2022 – 12/04/2026

Szu Pei Lu-Yang was appointed to the Rowland Water District Board in June 2006. Currently serving as the President of the Rowland Water District Board of Directors, she is also an ACWA/JPIA Executive Committee Board member and a member of the Rowland Heights Community Coordinating Council. Board President Lu-Yang brings extensive leadership experience and deep insight into the water-related challenges facing our communities.

Board President Lu-Yang began her academic journey at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Business Administration. She then continued her education at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, obtaining her law degree. Professionally, she is a partner at Graves & King in Glendale, where she represents clients in civil litigation and general liability cases.

Over her 17-year tenure on the Rowland Water District Board of Directors, Board President Lu-Yang has contributed to numerous projects that have expanded both local and imported water supplies. She has promoted financial awareness within the community, saved ratepayer dollars, and educated the public on water conservation. Additionally, she is an advocate for educational initiatives such as annual student poster contests, mini solar boat challenges, water bottle filling stations for schools, and grant programs for teachers.

Szu Pei Lu-Yang’s term as a Board member expires in December 2026.

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