Water Supply Update for Rowland Water District Customers

In response the Governor’s Executive Order to reduce water consumption and the State Water Resources Control Board’s recent emergency drought regulations, Rowland Water District (RWD) implemented Level 2 Water Supply Shortage which calls for reduction in water use by 20%.

The most notable change to RWD customers under Level 2 is limits on watering days and hours. Watering is only permitted on Mondays and Fridays.  Also, no watering or irrigation between the hours of  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Visit our Drought Update page for more information on restrictions on water use under this water supply shortage level.

Level 2 Water Supply Shortage is detailed in the Water Conservation and Water Shortage Contingency Plan which establishes six (6) levels of water supply shortage with escalating water conservation measures for each level. The Board of Directors activated this elevated level of the drought response plan on June 14, 2022, to call for curbing water use to preserve and prolong our water supplies.

We are asking customers to continue using water as efficiently as possible, inside and outside the home. That means taking steps such as adjusting or repairing sprinklers to avoid runoff, not hosing off hard surfaces, and only using a hose with an automatic shutoff nozzle to wash cars. You can find more water-saving tips below and on our conservation website at yourwaterfootprint.org.

Please check back here for any new updates and developments. Meanwhile, our water resources team will continue monitoring water supply conditions and enact appropriate measures if they become necessary.

Take Action to Save Water

In 2020, Rowland Water District launched an exciting, innovative website focused on user-friendly information and resources related to water conservation. What’s Your Water Footprint? offers tools to monitor your ‘water footprint’ and most importantly, how to immediately change your water use behaviors.

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