Rowland Water District is dedicated to highlighting water education in the community. The water education program is a comprehensive approach aligned towards helping our local educators teach students that water is an important natural resource. Students are encouraged to use water wisely and make environmentally sustainable choices to ensure reliable water supply for now and the future. The water education presentations are offered in-class for K-6th grade students and teachers throughout the District’s service area.  All programs are intended to enhance the school curriculum on water awareness.

The mission and goals of these programs are to provide the “field trip” experience within the classroom. The hands-on water activities and interactive presentations offered are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core and the Education and the Environmental Initiative (EEI).

Click here to view the activities that align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Common Core Standards.

If your school is located in the RWD service area (listed below) and you would like to participate please contact Brittnie Gildea.

Brittnie Gildea
Education & Community Outreach Coordinator
Phone: (562) 697-1726

Rowland Water District’s Water Education Brochure-Click Here to get a full description of each in-classroom presentation, teacher workshop, FREE money for programs, resources and much more! 

Schools that Qualify for RWD Programs:



High School:



Visit the USGS Water Science School website.