March 15, 2024 – Rowland Water District received a clean audit outcome from independent accounting firm Nigro & Nigro PC, highlighting the staff’s commitment to accounting best practices and the Board of Directors’ sound fiscal decisions. The Board approved the audit at the January 2024 Board Meeting.

“At Rowland Water District, we take our responsibility to protect customer dollars seriously and present our budgetary reporting to the public with transparency in mind, creating a clear vision of our current fiscal position,” said RWD General Manager Tom Coleman.

Nigro & Nigro’s Financial Audit Report for FY 2023 found zero noncompliance instances or deficiencies in internal control in Rowland Water District’s financial reporting.

The District’s Board of Directors and staff consider many factors when identifying an annual budget. They forecast the amount of water that will be secured and used based on annual averages and look at the increased cost of the source of those supplies. Since RWD heavily relies on imported water, increased water costs from Metropolitan Water District and Three Valleys Municipal Water District must be passed directly to customers.

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board requires audits to ensure public agencies adhere to specific accounting processes. RWD financial reports must be reviewed by an independent auditor, and Rowland Water District is held accountable for the data contained in the report.

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