All Board members and employee compensation, including salaries and benefits, are adopted by the Board of Directors in a public meeting process where our customers always have the opportunity to review and comment.  Water Code Section 20202 establishes the parameters in which Board members can be compensated for their service.  Board members are compensated based upon each day of service and not based upon number of meetings attended.  The current policy established by the Board of Directors limits the number of days for which a Director may receive a per diem compensation to a maximum of ten (10) days per calendar month and compensation is limited to $185 per day of service.

The California State Controller’s Office hosts a database of public employee salaries.  In accordance with AB2040, Rowland Water District complies with the transparency requirements.

Click here to view the State Controller’s website regarding government compensation in California.

Click here to view the State Controller’s website regarding RWD compensation in California.