BFThe Rowland Water District (RWD) upholds its mission to deliver safe and clean drinking water that complies with all health standards. To ensure this, the District requires backflow prevention assemblies to be installed where mandated by law, and works with its customers to eliminate potential cross-connections.

Water systems depend on pressure to keep water flowing in the proper direction. However, backflow can occur when there is a significant drop in the water pressure on the water district’s side. When this happens, it is possible for polluted water from the customer’s plumbing system to reverse flow into the public water system. If the water in the customer’s system has come in contact with harmful substances and it backflows into the public drinking water system, it could cause illness, or in extreme cases, death. The required backflow prevention assemblies protect the water system from these occurrences.

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Backflow Test Form

Cross Connection/Backflow Ordinance-August 2017

Backflow and Cross Connection Brochure

Double Check Detector Assembly Backflow Detail

Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Detail