This 6-month Internship is a paid position. The individual will work directly with District staff on the operation, maintenance, and compliance of the potable and recycled water systems. This opportunity will provide the intern with a practical entry-level knowledge base and a hands-on skill set to enable the candidate to seek full-time employment in the water industry.

Education & Experience:
High school diploma or equivalent. Completion of a water course – either online or in a classroom setting.
Certification as State of California, Division of Drinking Water, Grade D1 Water Distribution Operator.

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Pictured Above: Joel Douglass, Former Intern and current RWD Employee

Pictured Above: Cade with our Maintenance Crew

Pictured Above: Cade Migallos, Intern

Cade had this to say about the internship program:

“The great thing about working for this internship program is, every week you’re with another team. One week you’re with operations, taking water quality samples at reservoirs, and the next week you could be reading water meters or maybe even with a maintenance crew replacing a service line.”