July 12, 2023 – Rowland Water District (RWD) delivers drinking water that meets or exceeds all state and federal standards, according to its 2022 Annual Water Quality Report. Customers can confidently enjoy safe, healthy drinking water from the District.

The Annual Water Quality Report details sample results from 2022, which monitor for contaminant levels and water safety. RWD runs nearly 1,200 tests for bacteria and other substances yearly, ensuring high-quality water in the homes and businesses of all District customers. Their detailed report provides context for each contaminant and how it may end up in drinking water at a safe level.

“The Annual Water Quality Report underscores RWD’s daily commitment to the health and safety of its close to 55,000 customers, and we take water sampling seriously to ensure we deliver a reliable water supply to the families in our District, ,” RWD Compliance and Safety Manager Elisabeth Mendez said.

The Annual Water Quality Report aims to provide excellent service and lasting supply to the families and businesses that depend on them. In addition to test results, RWD highlights water supply projects and programs in the report as part of their “Your Water Footprint” campaign. The report includes ways to improve water source reliability, community-enriching programs like the water bottle station initiative, and a focus on conservation.

View the District’s 2022 Annual Water Quality Report at rwd.org/water-quality.