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Why sign up for Automatic Bill Payment?
By signing up for our automatic bill payment plan, your monthly water bill will be automatically deducted from the checking account of your choice 14 days after the “date bill mailed” shown on your bill.

Will I receive a monthly statement?
Your monthly statement will be mailed to you more than two weeks before the payment is deducted from your account. You will be able to review your bill and notify us if you have any questions. If for any reason there is a dispute, you may contact the District prior to the automatic withdrawal date to resolve the dispute before payment is withdrawn.

How do I Discontinue Participation in the Program?
A written request to the District is necessary to terminate your automatic payment.

When will my Automatic Bill Payment Begin?
Please pay your current bill in full with a separate check. If your account does not have a zero balance, your first auto- matic payment will be for the entire amount owed.

Please continue to pay your bill until “DO NOT REMIT” appears on your monthly statement. Any uncollectible Amounts will be charged a $30.00 Non-sufficient Fund Charge.
Additional Deposit may be required.

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