Water Professionals Appreciation Week Highlights Staff Contributions

Rowland Water District (RWD) is celebrating Water Professionals Appreciation Week October 1-9, which honors hard-working water and wastewater professionals across California and highlights the vital role they play in public health and safety.

“Our entire staff, from the field crews to customer service representatives, are critical to Rowland’s operations and the reliable delivery of clean water to about 60,000 people across our service area,” RWD General Manager Tom Coleman said. “Water Professionals Appreciation Week gives us a chance to commend employees for their knowledge, skills and dedication to serving the community and making sure water is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The California Legislature designated the first week in October for recognizing the industry’s professionals and local agencies that play a part in the operation of water, recycled water and wastewater services.

Water Professionals Appreciation Week provides an opportunity to showcase careers in the industry. In recognition of their service, two RWD employees, Myra Malner, Director of Finance, and Ryan White, Senior Water Systems Operator, are featured in a series of water professionals appreciation videos put out by the Association of California Water Agencies, California Association of Sanitation Agencies and the California Water Environment Association. The videos will be launched throughout the week at https://www.facebook.com/acwawater.

In addition to being part of the statewide video series, RWD launched a series of community forums titled “Exploring Water Industry Careers! Inside the District” and video interviews with employees of all types, including organization leadership, meter readers, water system operators, maintenance workers and the Director of Finance.

For more information about building a career in the water industry, please visit rwd.org/careers-in-water/