Rowland Heights, CA (November 10, 2021) – A five-year schedule of water and service rates was approved by Rowland Water District’s Board of Directors following a public hearing on Tuesday, November 9, an action that ensures system reliability and prevents a revenue shortfall.

The rates, which take effect on January 1, 2022, include new potable and recycled water commodity rates, fixed service charges, zonal surcharges, fire service charges and drought rates.

“Fortunately, the District has been able to minimize increases because of long-term strategic approaches to saving customers money,” General Manager Tom Coleman said. “Expanded use of recycled water and investments in water use efficiency education, customer outreach and water-wise rebates have stretched supplies and offset higher imported water costs.”

An independent cost-of-service study determined that rate adjustments were needed to avoid a budget deficit as early as 2023. Costs for electricity, imported water and treatment chemicals have been climbing. In compliance with Proposition 218 standards, details of the rate changes were mailed in a public hearing notice to all property owners and customers, who were encouraged to attend the virtual public hearing.

An important element of the rate update is the adoption of a new Drought Rate. With longer and more severe droughts expected with climate change, the District must have the flexibility to adjust the Potable Water Commodity Rate during State of California-declared water shortages. These rates would need to be approved by the Board of Directors during declared drought levels, state-mandated reductions in the level of potable water usage, or other natural disasters or events that result in a water shortage and the need to require reductions in water usage, in accordance with the District’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan.

The District established an online bill estimator to help customers determine how the changes would impact them; the tool is available at

Most single-family residential customers will see a monthly bill increase of about $2.35. Commercial accounts, which include industrial, governmental, institutional and multi-family residential, will change by $7.26 per month on average. The rate for recycled water customers will be $2.39 per unit, up from $2.33.

For details about the new rates and conservation resources, please visit