ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA (May 27, 2022) – A recent visit by officials from Uzbekistan’s national water company to Rowland Water District revealed more similarities than differences in the operational challenges and opportunities posed by supply, capital projects and technology.

The three-man delegation was from Uzsuvtaminot (UST), the joint stock company providing the country’s water and sewer services. They met on Tuesday, April 19, with RWD Board President Anthony Lima, Vice President Szu Pei Lu-Yang, General Manager Tom Coleman, Assistant General Manager Dusty Moisio and other staffers.

The groups conferred on everything from rates and billing to telemetry systems and advanced metering infrastructure.

“We were honored to host our Uzbekistan guests and learn how their water system operates and the trials they face. I was struck by how much we have in common,” Coleman said. “It shows that water suppliers around the world face common issues and that we can learn from each other.”

One of the common themes discussed was training the next generation of water and wastewater operators, engineers and industry leaders. UST has agreements with nine colleges to offer specialized courses to train a qualified workforce. Similarly, RWD attracts skilled employees through its internship program with community colleges.

The groups communicated through translator Doniyor Mukhammadaliyev of the Asian Development Bank, who was one of the visitors. He accompanied Sakhib Saifnazarov, UST Chairman, and Rustam Mamadjanov, Deputy Chairman.

The visit was organized by Michael Samuel, President of Nobel Systems in Redlands, who is leading development of a GIS system for UST; a similar system is used by RWD and a first-hand view was part of the UST visit. GIS is used for remote monitoring, leak identification, and demand forecasting.

Saifnazarov said his company is focused on modernizing the infrastructure for his water and sewer system serving 25 million people across an area the size of California. His company is also looking to stem water loss with advanced technology and urge conservation among customers.

“The problems, they sound identical,” Saifnazarov said. “I was most impressed by the teamwork and dedication, the company values and the feeling of family. A strong team is the key to overcoming obstacles.”

To watch a video of the meeting, click here.