April 6, 2023 – “Ms. Brittnie,” better known as Rowland Water District’s Education and Community Outreach Coordinator Brittnie Gildea, connected with local students while serving as Principal for a Day at Jellick Elementary School in Rowland Heights.

The March 22 visit is part of RWD’s commitment to education and community involvement. Brittnie shadowed Principal Johan Schmitz, visiting most of the kindergarten through sixth-grade classrooms and observing lessons.

“I enjoyed going behind the scenes and discovering ideas on new ways RWD can inspire learning,” said Brittnie Gildea, who regularly presents water-related lessons to students. “Our partnerships with schools are incredibly valuable for teaching the next generation about the value of water.”

RWD staff value opportunities to connect with children through events and materials.

Jellick Elementary is one of 14 schools in the RWD service area that benefits from the District’s free educational programs. Hands-on water activities and interactive presentations for kindergarten through high school align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Education and the Environmental Initiative (EEI) and Common Core State Standards.

RWD also recently awarded several of Jellick Elementary’s teachers with funding for field trips to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. These teachers were participants of the District’s Splash Cash program which aims to fund creative and educational water-related activities or supplies that promote water education and conservation.

For more information about the District and its community and educational programs, visit RWD.org.