Meter Reading Periods

Subject to change of days on account of weather conditions, holidays, weekends and other matters beyond the ordinary control of the District, water meters shall be read monthly. Special meter readings may be taken by the District at any time upon termination of an account, change of ownership, change in tenancy, or for any other reason, either upon application by the customer or upon order of the Manager.

The Manager shall have the right to change billing dates, re-route meter readers and to pro-rate the charges for bills covering more or less than the normal billing period.

If a customer has questions regarding a bill or a dispute, with respect to the amount charged, the customer must submit a complaint or request for investigation to the District office within ten (10) days of the receipt of the disputed bill. If the designated District Appeals Officer determines an investigation is warranted, service will not be terminated until an investigation has been completed and the customer has been notified of the District’s decision by mail. The customer will then be given an opportunity to pay the bill to avoid service termination.

Late Payment / Delinquencies

All accounts for water service are due and payable immediately upon billing, and shall be delinquent if not paid before 28 days after date of billing for bi-monthly billing and 17 days for monthly billing (“due date”). A “late payment” fee (the greater of $10.00 or 1-1/2% of the delinquent balance) will be applied to each account if payment is received in the District office, by mail or in person, after the due date.

A “PAST DUE” will be sent to any customer whose bill is not paid prior to delinquency. If the account is not paid by the due date shown on the past due bill, a $51.00 termination notice fee will be applied to the account and a service disconnection notice will be issued, which shall be delivered in person or by telephone 48 hours before termination of service.

Unless a delinquent bill is paid by the date shown on the service disconnection notice, service may be disconnected by the District and shall not be reconnected until all delinquent amounts, late payment fees, termination notice fees, reconnection fees, returned check fees and deposits have been paid in full. If service is terminated by the District due to non-payment of water charges, the customer will be charged a $50.00 reconnection fee to re-establish water service. If you request reconnection after 3:30 p.m. the reconnection fee is $140.00. No reconnection will be made after 4:30 p.m. on business days.

Water shall not be terminated due to delinquent payment during the pendency of an investigation of the customer’s dispute or complaint, when the customer has been granted an extension of time to pay or where a certification of a licensed physician indicates that to do so would be life threatening to the customer and the customer is unable to pay on a timely basis.

Unpaid closing bills may be given to a Credit Reporting Agency.

Returned Check

A returned check fee of $30.00 will be charged for checks returned to the District by the bank unpaid. Payment to maintain service after a returned check must be made by cash or money order, and a deposit may be required.


All unauthorized opening and closing of valves will result in a minimum $200.00 tampering penalty.

All pipes, mains, valves and other facilities on the “street side”, up to and including each meter through which water is delivered to a customer, are the property of the Rowland Water District and only authorized District personnel are permitted to operate service connection valves or meters. Unauthorized operation or tampering with District valves, meters or other facilities will result in a tampering penalty of $200.00 imposed on the customer, in addition to the cost to repair any damage and other charges for estimated water use.

Water Service Furnished in the Name of the Tenant of Rental Property

All new accounts for service to a rental property established after January 11, 2011, are required to be in the name of the property owner as account holder.  If the property owner desires to have an account for a rental property established with the tenant as the primary account holder, the property owner must execute an “Application and Agreement to Have Water Service Furnished in the Name of the Tenant of Rental Property” (Tenant-Owner Agreement) acknowledging that the property owner will be a co-account holder and responsible for any unpaid charges for water service.  Applicants for water service who are not the owner of the property will not be provided service until the property owner has completed, signed and returned this form.

Termination of Service to Tenants-Occupants

A. Notice to Residential Tenants-Occupants in an Individually Metered Residence:
The District will provide written notice to residential occupants when the customer’s account is delinquent and that service will be terminated for non-payment by the owner.  If the residential tenant-occupant meets the requirements of the District’s Rules and Regulations, the District may make service available in the tenant’s name.

B. Notice to Tenants-Occupants in a Multi-Unit Residential Structure With Service Through a Master Meter:
The District will provide written notice, posted on the door of each residential unit or in each accessible common area and at each point of access to the structure or structures, that service will be terminated for non-payment by the owner on a date specified in the notice, unless the account is paid in full.  This notice will also specify:

  1. What the Residential Occupants are required to do in order to prevent the termination or to re-establish service;
  2. The estimated monthly cost of service; and
  3. The title, address and telephone number of a representative of the District who can assist the Residential Occupants in continuing service.

Nonpayment by Tenant

Whenever existing water service is furnished in the name of a tenant and service is terminated by the District for non-payment of water charges, or the tenant vacates the premises leaving an unpaid balance on the service account, water service to the premises will only be re-established with a subsequent tenant as primary account holder, after payment in full of all delinquent charges. If such charges are not paid in full, future service must be established in the name of the property owner alone.