What: Performances by The National Theatre for Children “The Water Pirates of Neverland: Run Aground!”

When: October 3 – 8:15 a.m. & 9 a.m. (two performances)

Where: Blandford Elementary School
2601 Blandford Dr., Rowland Heights

Sponsor: Rowland Water District

More than 700 students at Blandford Elementary School will experience a fun, dynamic theatre performance aimed at inspiring water conservation. The National Theatre for Children is bringing the educational, pirate-themed play to schools in the area, thanks to the support of Rowland Water District.

“The Water Pirates of Neverland: Run Aground!” is a highly visual show, performed by Alex Elliott- Funk and Wendi West. The two actors play a variety of characters – including Captain Doorknob, Kip the Castaway, PJ the Penguin and Captain Toni the Flipper – during each 25-minute program. Children are also included as participants on stage.

Students will learn the uses and importance of water, how water becomes polluted and ways to conserve this precious resource. Each show includes grade appropriate workbooks, comprehensive teacher guides and classroom materials. Students will receive water conservation information and giveaways.