Engaging Digital Report Inspires Water Quality Confidence
1,200 Tests Reveal Drinking Water Continues to Meet or Surpass Standards


June 27, 2024 — Rowland Water District (RWD) customers can now explore the District’s Annual Water Quality Report through an interactive web experience. Customers who visit the online report will learn how RWD’s drinking water meets or exceeds all state and federal standards through educational videos and features that ensure confidence in the District’s safe, healthy drinking water.

The Annual Water Quality Report provides sample results from 2023 that assess contaminant levels and water safety. The District runs nearly 1,200 tests for bacteria and other substances yearly, which customers can access in an easy-to-read interface in the online report. The public will learn about RWD’s high-quality water, alongside the context for each contaminant and how it may end up in drinking water at a safe level.

“We are dedicated to transparency and maintaining the highest water quality standards for our community,” said Dusty Moisio, RWD Assistant General Manager. “This report is a testament to our ongoing efforts to provide clean, safe drinking water that meets or exceeds all water quality standards, to all our customers.”

The Water Quality Report shows where RWD’s water comes from, spanning the State Water Project in Sacramento to the Colorado River Aqueduct in Utah, and even under residents’ feet in the Main San Gabriel Basin. Engaging videos make learning about water quality fun throughout the report, with topics including “Where Does Your Water Come From?” and “RWD Virtual Treatment Plant Tour.” Another video provides an inside look at the water testing process. Quick links to conservation, landscape classes, and rebate information make the report a useful water-saving resource.

Elisabeth Mendez, RWD Compliance and Safety Manager, shared her enthusiasm about the new digital format of this year’s Water Quality Report: “Through an interactive web experience filled with engaging videos and valuable links, we are empowering our community to learn about their water sources, water quality, and conservation. This innovative, user-friendly approach makes learning about water easily accessible and educational for the entire family.”

Find the 2023 Annual Water Quality Report at www.rwd.org/2023waterquality. A printable PDF version of the report is available on the website.