Census Data Inspires Review of Board Divisions Ensuring Continued Equal Representation
Updated Rowland Water District Division Maps Presented Jan. 18 as Part of Redistricting Process

January 19, 2022 – Rowland Water District, like other public agencies with district-based elections, is reviewing its division boundaries to make sure representation reflects voter population across all districts.

Called redistricting, the process uses data from the U.S. Census every 10 years to redraw voting lines. If Rowland Water District adjusts its maps after the process, customers could be placed in a different voting boundary in the next Board of Directors election in November 2022. Redistricting does not impact water service.

“Rowland Water District understands the importance of fair and balanced voting,” said General Manager Tom Coleman. “Communities shift and grow over time, changing how many people live in a given area. We are dedicated to evaluating our boundaries to make sure each Board member represents a roughly equal population.”

Rowland Water District hired an independent expert, Best Best & Krieger, to lead the redistricting process. Each of the five districts will be comprised of approximately the same amount of people. The citizens in each district vote for the member that represents them on the Board.

Best Best & Krieger presented draft maps to the Board at its meeting on January 18, 2022. The maps were based on a comprehensive study, as well as community feedback from a Public Hearing on December 14, 2021. After the Board map selection completed on January 18, the Board will finalize the boundary revisions and conclude the redistricting process at a Public Hearing on February 8, 2022.

Members of the community and Rowland customers were encouraged to attend both the January 18 Board meeting and the February 8 Public Hearing to give feedback on the draft maps. Redistricting, which is required to be complete by April 17, 2022, ensures compliance with the California and federal Voting Rights Acts.

For more information, contact the Rowland Water District main office at (562) 697-1726 or visit rwd.org/redistricting.