March 10, 2022 – The Rowland Water District (RWD) Board of Directors on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, unanimously adopted a new Strategic Plan that sets the course for water supply diversity, system reliability, succession planning and other tactical goals over the next several years. The fourth edition of the Plan, “Effective Action for Sustainable Progress,” was adopted at the Board’s regular meeting.

The Plan is based on a new theme: CREATE – Collaboration, Resilience, Engagement, Accountability, Teamwork and Excellence. The concept is intended to inspire District leadership and staff to create an exceptional organization through dedication to established core values and best practices.

“The Strategic Plan signals the revitalization of our commitment to find new ways to continue providing high-quality water and exceptional service to those we serve despite any unforeseen challenges,” Board President Anthony Lima said. “Whether it is the drought, pandemic concerns, or an aging workforce, this District is dedicated to driving its success through thoughtful planning and actionable solutions.”

The Plan focuses on five strategic areas: Communication, Value, Organizational Development, Water Supply Diversity, and System Reliability and Upgrades. Each key target area is backed by tactics designed to yield results, including expansion of the recycled water system, additional customer education, pursuit of regional collaboration and recruitment of qualified employees.

“By shifting our focus from planning to implementation, RWD will be moving in the direction of positive change,” General Manager Tom Coleman said. “This is an intention-driven reinvigoration of our operations so that we can move forward on goals that ensure sustainability and reliability. The CREATE message helps us tell our story – that we are here for our customers and focused on a powerful evolution day in and day out.”

The District has invested in the strategic planning process over the last decade to address the needs of the agency and its customers while considering challenges, including those faced by the water industry in the region and the state.

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