Annual Budget Advances Public Water Needs
Financial Plan Funds Water Supply, Maintenance and Conservation


June 12, 2024—At their June 11 meeting, The Rowland Water District (RWD) Board of Directors passed a balanced Operations and Capital Budget for fiscal year 2024/2025. Prioritizing system upkeep and fiscal responsibility, the budget responsibly manages rising costs and the region’s growth.

RWD sets specific, forward-thinking goals during the budget creation process to best serve its 55,000 customers. The $30.7 million Operations and Capital Budget set three objectives: capture increasing costs and development, ensure system maintenance, and maintain financial stability.

The Operations and Capital Budget bolsters key water quality improvement projects, including rehabilitating reservoirs, upgrading Water Quality Systems and valve replacements. The water distribution system will receive much-needed enhancements, including large meter and fire hydrant replacements to ensure reliability.

“RWD is committed to financial responsibility and building trust with our customers,” said RWD General Manager Tom Coleman. “We review anticipated costs in detail to ensure every penny has the greatest impact possible while we continue to deliver dependable drinking water 24/7 not just today but for generations to come.”

To prepare for the future, RWD concluded the 2024 to 2025 Operations and Capital Budget with a comprehensive ten-year financial projection. The plan includes planned rate adjustments, debt coverage and financial reserves.

RWD sets a budget annually to secure a sustainable water supply, support community needs and protect RWD’s fiscal health. The budget funds vital operating costs, such as water purchases, maintenance, community outreach and conservation. Administrative and personnel costs also pay for the RWD’s full-time staff of 28 dedicated employees.

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